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Our extra wide PU timing belts are available up to a width of 450 mm. These timing belts have been specially developed as an alternative to conveyor belts when precise positioning is required.


  • Available in Food Grade  
  • Available in both PAZ, PAR and PAZ/PAR version
  • Available with various types of cams and coating material


These wide T10 and H types are often used in the car tires and the hygiene industry, with or without a polyamide fabric on the tooth side or both sides

The wide 3M timing belt (NKT3) is supplied in the colors blue and white and because of the FDA approval, they are mainly used in the food industry but also in applications where small transitions are required (min. pulley diameter 19 mm).




 Wide Belt Specifications

  H T10 NKT3
Pitch (Imperial and metric)   12,7 mm 10 mm 3 mm
Ultimate Tensile Strenght per 25mm Belt Width Kevlar N/25mm 3557 3557 1870
Max. Allowable Tensile Strenght per 25mm Belt Width Kevlar Welded N/25mm 315 315 315
All. Effective Tension for the Belt Teeth    N/25mm 1470 1250 440
Specific Belt Weight Kevlar kgf/m/cm 0,033 0,039 0,020
Specific Belt Stiffness (open Ended) Kevlar N/mm 4200 4200 2580
Min. No. Of Pulley Teeth     14 16 20
Min. Pitch Diameter (inch or mm)     56,64 mm 51 mm 19 mm
Min. Diameter of Tensioning idler Running on Back of Belt     80mm 80mm 30mm
Avaiable in FDA 85 shore A Urethane     Yes Yes Yes
Standard Color     Natural Natural  White/Blue
Min. Welded Belt Lenght     1104,9 mm 850 mm 1002 mm
Standard Roll Length     61 m 60 m 60 m
Standard Slitting Lanes     N/A N/A 25 mm
Min. Width Available     152,4 150 mm 100 mm
Max. Width Available     457,2 mm 450 mm 450 mm
Width Tolerance     +/- 1,0 mm +/- 1,0 mm +/- 1,0 mm

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